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About Sami

I'm a Finnish guy (he/him). My interests range from playing video games, watching video essays, finding my way in life to more sustainable ways of moving in a city.

I work in the government producing accessible ebooks. In my free time I'm a dog dad and the vice chair of the Helsinki pedestrians' association (in Finnish).

I believe doing precedes passion.

Smiling Sami.

Accessibility statement

I care about my site's accessiblity, so check out my accessibility statement.


Eleventy Image problem with Netlify's build

Published on .

I host my website with Netlify. I use Eleventy to power the thing. Version of Eleventy that I use: 3.0.0-alpha.5. Unrelated to this post's problem, I...

Math equations with Eleventy using TeXZilla

Published on .

Assumed audience: people making HTML websites with Eleventy people who understand of LaTeX markup people who know how to install npm packages. Insta...

Draft: Getting Tailwind to work with Eleventy

Published on .

I was so frustrated with Tailwind and Eleventy, because I wanted to get it working, and it just didn't! I couldn't understand why. My steps to get Tai...

Draft: Making a Twitter bot

Published on .

Update 17.3.2023: The post is out of date, because of Twitter's changed API policies. I wanted to make a bot that would tweet energy saving tips. The...

Accessibility metadata and accessibility features, part 2

Published on .

This is a continuation to my previous post on accessibility features. I am lifting a few relevant accessibilityFeature values from's access...

Accessibility metadata and accessibility features, part 1

Published on .

How can you add metadata about accessibility features in your website, ebook or any HTML-based digital product? A straightforward way is to use schema...

Accessibility metadata and sufficient access modes, part 2

Published on .

Continuing accessibility metadata post with sufficient access modes. Previous part about sufficient access modes. Luckily you can use's acc...

Accessibility metadata and sufficient access modes, part 1

Published on .

You should definitely add accessible metadata to your website or ebook! Luckily you can use's accessibility metadata to easily do just that...

Accessibility metadata and access modes

Published on .

Should you add accessibility metadata to your website or digital publication? Well, yeah. It helps to "to enable discovery no matter how the publ...

Verifying a video from social media

Published on .


Having read Eliot Higgins’s “We are Bellingcat” (which is a capticating book to any Sherlock Holmes fan!), I wanted to test out some of their methodol...

Building blocks for my first Eleventy site

Published on .

I started using Eleventy mainly, because used it for her site! Go check it out. She posts great stuff about accessibility (and knitting)!...

Accessible molecule diagram on the web

Published on .

Originally published as a LinkedIn post on accessible molecule diagram. The future is here! Now you can listen to molecule diagrams. Check out my imp...

Mathematics as a Language

Published on .

“Mathematics is a universal language” is a statement that many have probably heard in their life. Why isn’t it taught like one? Similarities in Teachi...

Geometric Numbers

Published on .

There exists a mathematical concept called an arithmetic number. You can check it out more in-depth from this wikipedia article about arithme...

Setting up Your Own Website (with Wordpress)

Published on .

9.8.2022 update: This is a post from my old site, which was built with Wordpress. It doesn't reflect the creation of this site with Eleventy a...