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Accessible molecule diagram on the web

Originally published as a LinkedIn post on accessible molecule diagram.

The future is here! Now you can listen to molecule diagrams.

Check out my implementation of it here: Accessible diagram of β-Maltose.

Actually the future has been here for quite some time.

The above was made with Progressive Access’s tool:

  1. Make an account.
  2. Find a suitable chemical compound and use a file type such as Smiles, InChi, InChi Key or Mol.
  3. Upload it to their converter.
  4. Get a SVG diagram or a HTML snippet. (I got the HTML snippet.)
  5. Host it on your website.

Find out more on Progressive Accesses Accessible Chemical Diagrams.

What to do with them?

You could embed them into your ebook or plainly link to your site that hosts them (like I did before).

Or do what Dedicon did: Localize it, build a pedagogical model around it and release it to all to see. Check out Dedicon’s website on chemistry (Dutch).